Enjoy Canada on a working holiday visa

Have you ever felt like working in the serene ambiance of Canada? Canada has a lot of jobs available and despite the misconception that a large majority of jobs are based on agriculture, it is not so. The proportion of output contributed by the sectors of forestry, hunting, fishing, and agriculture is equivalent to only 1.5% of the GDP of this country. Canada also has rich resources of gas and oil. It is actually true that Canada exports energy. The large accumulation of gas and oil exist in Alberta, British Columbia, Northern Territories, and Saskatchewan. But again this is a small percentage of the GDP of Canada. The truth is that Canada has a major proportion of its output which is generated by the service sector. In fact, 70% of the total output of Canada comes from this sector only. So, you will have no problem in finding work when you are coming to Canada on a working holiday visa.

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The output of Canada has been high for the last some years, but there are not enough resources for this boom to be sustained. There have been so many jobs in the British Columbia region. In the 4th quarter of 2017, there have been 3,99,000 vacancies in Canada. So, this is exciting news. There have been the highest number of vacancies in the province of British Columbia at 69,500. Most of these jobs include construction sector jobs and those in the personal services industry.  Apart from Australia, the pools for many countries are open as of now for application.

After getting selected as per this program, you can get a Port of Entry letter which is used for getting the working holiday visa at the airport of Canada. The Canadian working holiday visa is given to citizens of 30 countries. If you are fond of activities such as snowboarding and surfing, then be prepared to take your travel insurance before going to Canada.

What to do after you come to Canada?

Canada. Banff National Park in  Alberta and Whistler in British Columbia are famous for skiing in Canada. Anyways you are bound to head off to a retreat after working hard on the weekends. The insurance for the Canadian working holiday visa can be purchased from different insurance companies such as BestQuote, DUInsure, and

If you are confused about where to put up in Canada, you can stay at a friend’s place. Other options of a hotel are also available such as Airbnb and You can get a room at cheap rates in Canada. The rates of a hotel room are 100 CAD a night at You can get to stay in cottages at the budget of 21 CAD per night through in Ella in Calgary in Alberta.

Canada working holiday visa is a great option to work and enjoy at the same time without any restrictions. When you can work with ease, you can earn the money spent on vacationing here. Vancouver has higher rates of staying here almost up to 222 CAD per night. You can arrange suitable accommodation in major cities of Canada through Contact Nile Migration to be in Canada on a working holiday visa.