The US to close H4 EAD soon

The US is yet to make the winding up of the issuance of the H4 visa employment authorization if you are the spouse of the H1B visa holder. The process to make the bill into a law is not completed as yet.

A large percentage of the H1B visa holders are Indians and when the issuance of the H4 EAD is likely to be withdrawn, it will affect their family incomes.

In its spring session, the department of homeland security had repeated its will to remove employment authorization. The Trump administration will remove this rule. It has been announcing that for the last two years. The administration department has been working on the evaluation of the employment programs so that they are as per the Executive order passed by Mr. Trump, Buy American, Hire American.

An executive lawsuit has been filed in the court regarding the removal of H4 EAD. This has been filed by Save Jobs USA. The case is going to be judged by 3 members consisting of an Indian Sree Srinivasan. The argument which has been put forth by Save Jobs USA that as long as the case is not given a decision, the American workers will suffer losses from the existence of foreign competitors in the US. The Save Jobs USA had filed this case in September 2018. The court has also sought interference from Immigration Voice in this matter because otherwise, more than 50,000 families will experience a loss of income. Immigration Voice works for the interests of the immigrant workers who are highly skilled.

Better to go to Canada so that your spouse can work

The decision to remove the H4 EAD authorization is still pending, however, it can be taken anytime soon. It is better to choose Canada can be chosen as a place to live in this case. This country allows a PR visa very easily and the candidate also gets the working rights for the spouse. The comprehensive ranking system is used to judge candidates and verify their eligibility for this program. If they are valid, they are taken into the Express Entry pool from which they are picked up as per a draw.

The PR process applies to you once you have the age on your side. It’s because Canada needs young immigrants. candidates whose age is between 20-29 years can get a very high number of points. Canada also values the experience gained here. You can get 80 points if you have Canadian work experience. This work experience must be of 8 years. Also, work experience of 2 years or higher and a post-secondary degree you can get 50 points. So, 130 points are waiting for you once you have a sizeable experience from Canada.

Language skills are important too. You can’t live in Canada when you don’t know how to read or write in English. A candidate who gets IELTS language scores between CLB8-CLB9 can easily be selected for immigration. You can get scores between 92-124 with such scores. So, choose Canada for immigration because the US is soon going to rescind the work permit rule for spouses. Once your spouse gets the PR, you are eligible to apply for an open work permit.

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