403 candidates selected for Manitoba as per the in demand occupations list.

Manitoba conducted a draw on 11th April, as per which it selected 403 candidates for the International Skilled Worker: Demand In Occupations stream through the Express Entry pathway. As per this stream, candidates who have already applied to the express entry stream are called to apply for the MPNP program. This program selects candidates, those who have applied to Express entry, but a job offer is not mandatory for this program. Apart from that the other requirements to be selected under this program are:

  • Residence of a relative in Manitoba (Manitoba support)
  • Work experience in Manitoba or some education pursued in this province. Apparently, candidates who are working in Manitoba or have a connection in terms of a relative in Manitoba will have a higher score.
  • Although the required score for this profile is CLB5 in English or if you showing French proficiency, NCLC 5 in French, there can be higher requirements of NCLC 7/CLB 7 once you have applied in the express entry as per the federal skilled worker stream. Apart from that, if he has applied as per the federal skilled trades, he has to show a score of CLB 6 or NCLC 6.

In this draw, the candidates were selected to immigrate to Manitoba. The candidate can get more preference once they have they have the calibre to live easily in Manitoba. They can also have a relative or friend who has been living in this province since the past one year. Such candidates would be given preference, apart from them those candidates who have been given an invitation to apply in the strategic recruitment initiative of the MPNP are likely to get selected also.

Its important for the candidate to be already working in an occupation in demand for the previous  6 months. There are 9 categories of these occupations. Apart from that 2 rural occupations of nurses aides and industrial butchers have also been specified. For both these profiles, a score of CLB7 is needed to be eligible.

The in-demand occupations candidates who were selected in this draw had the least scores of 561.

All these candidates who have been selected for this visa have received Letters Of Advice To Apply for the MPNP. A candidate who fulfills all such qualifications can proceed with putting up a profile in the official portal of Manitoba. The candidates are ranked on a scale of 1000  points, and those who have a job offer in an in-demand occupation in Manitoba can get up to 500 points as per the Manitoba demand category.

 Candidates selected on the basis of Strategic Initiative

In this draw, candidates were also selected on the basis of strategic initiative. These initiatives happen when Manitoba based employers go out of the country to seek employees from these countries. If a job offer has been promised to you in such a strategic recruitment initiative, you can get up to 500 points. In the current draw on April 11, 51 candidates were selected through such initiatives. You can get all the information about the Manitoba provincial nominee program through us.

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